hack you too


08 Jan 2013 13:00 MSK — The task VMs for ActiveDirectory, NoobCMS, Uncle Rivest, Cipher Apparatus are down. Everything else is still solvable.

23 Dec 2012 22:31 MSK — Some statistics are out. The tasks are still available for solving, services will be up for at least two weeks from now. Good luck trying and pwning the tasks. Tweet your write-ups with hashtag #hackyoutoo

23 Dec 2012 18:00 MSK — CTF is over! Congratulations to Top-3: domi, d00w, dcua! Thanks everyone for playing ;)

19 Dec 2012 17:54 MSK — Frequent questions:

1. Duration: 24 hours, ends 23.12.2012 18:00 MSK. After that tasks will be available for a couple weeks (and now I mean it, since we host on our own machines instead of renting a server).

2. Tasks: 18+2 tasks, technically simple but may be hard to understand ;)

18 Dec 2012 22:22 MSK — We announce hack you too CTF by More Small Leet More. The registration is open! The game starts 22 Dec 2012 18:00 MSK

Several months ago, we've hosted hack you, the CTF to attract new people to hack around, now it's their turn to make some tasks :)
This task set was an internal training and now it's open for anyone interested.
If you had an account for hack you, you can use that. Good luck ;)

IRC: #hackyoutoo @ FreeNode, E-mail: hackyou@ctf.su




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